Pet Care Services

Requirements: Dogs must have Proof of the following three vaccines with the dates given.

RABIES ( current)  | DHLP & P (within the last 12 months) | BORDETTELLA within the last 2 weeks-12 months.
(Cannot be given 8 days before arriving at my home)
*Due to my insurance and the safety of all my other furry babies this is a must and rules!!
*All Dogs must be non-aggressive, to people or other dogs.
*In Home Boarding*
Must meet all above requirements!

One of our boarding guests Ingrid playing in pool. She stay with us for over a year.

One of our boarding guests Ingrid playing in pool with two of our dogs Chase & Jag. Ingrid stay with us for over a year!

In Home Boarding

Deb Pamplin | 504-393-2688 home | 504-452-6984 cell
We do offer Multiple Dog & Extended Stay Discounts.

Justin & Big Red

Justin & Big Red

Dog Walking

I will come to your home, take your baby for a nice walk & bring in the mail if you like. I always leave fresh water & give treats at owners discretion. A little report card is left for you that tells who we saw, what we did and their potty habits. I accommodate your wishes.

Me (Deb) & Behr

Me (Deb) & Behr

Pet Sitting

I will come and check on your babies as many times as you request. I follow your instructions to the max. A note card is left for each visit. Walks, visit, & play I will stay as long as you request. Most clients like for me to come 4 times and at night time my Son usually come with me for safety factors especially if you request 10 pm visit. We will tend to your cats, fish and birds too! My Son Justin is my co-worker & manager. He used to work in a vet office before working for me. We are a small family business.

Dog Bathing

I have a very large selection of all types and brands of shampoos. I spent one year in grooming school and I am always studying up on new techniques. I have a lot of Labs and Goldens I bathe so it is not just for the little babies.